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At Kaosteater, we offer workshops for both students, schools, theater groups and cultural institutions.

No two projects are alike, and therefore Kaosteater does not offer a 'one-size-fits-all workshop' either. On the other hand, we aim to tailor all our workshops to you and your project's needs.


Whether you are about to launch a new project and are interested in getting creative sparring to help with your idea development, are interested in learning concrete tools for how to sharpen your concept and give it direction, or whether you simply want to learn anything about producing performing arts from scratch, we're ready to help!


On this page you can see and read more about the workshops we have held.

Contact us to discuss your project and get a non-binding workshop offer.



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In autumn 2020, Jeppe held one

three-day workshop with stage artistic idea and project development for the students of the Danish School of Performing Arts.

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Kristoffer Eriknauer
graduated ACTOR from the Danish School of Performing Arts

"In our work with Jeppe Pachaï, I experienced a surprisingly wide range of different tools that you could choose to and from according to what turned you on in a creative creation process.

There were several times when I experienced that topics and questions that at first seemed unmanageable or difficult to access suddenly became clear and tangible. The work with Jeppe is very "hands on" and the chronological order and development in which you work is extremely well suited to an artist who wants to develop himself.


The tools also seem to be able to work in many contexts - not just performing arts, but a very general approach to some tools that most people would get a lot out of.


I also think that it was inspiring to work with, as I gained greater faith that the projects and ideas I was walking around with could become a concrete reality. I will use the work going forward and I feel quite ready to enter into a conversation and creative collaboration between my future colleagues."


DDSKS, Dramatic writing & 3rd year actors Aarhus 2023

Over three days x 3 hours, dramatic writing students from 2nd year and 3rd year acting students in an informally facilitated theory room at DDSKS reviewed older and tested new models. The starting point was advanced entrepreneurship and project specification in the form of value creation, budget & fundraising, administration and planning tools (as well as golden tips & tricks)

By keeping the room open and relaxed, there was continuous space for in-depth questions, which were answered in a concrete and reflective way. The course also provided positive feedback for the development of the 2nd book in the series, Projektrealisering, which will be published in September 2023.

Theater College Rødkilde, 2023

Teaterhøjskolen Rødkilde holds a children's theater day every year, where families with children come and visit the college. Here they see the theatre, eat lunch and get layer cakes. Every year, the high school's current students develop a walking show, which takes place in the beautiful garden around the high school on Møn. In 2023, Kaosteater was (for the first time) invited down to Rødkilde, to develop the walking show together with the students and at the same time scoop out models and methods for developing performing arts (in an ultra short time). We focused on creating an inclusive process with a focus on experience design and material generation. The result was an hour-long theater performance about THE GARDEN OF EDEN with around 50 actors. There was great praise for both Kaosteater and the students after the performance.

Tidligere arbejde

Fritter, Fadøl & Performance X Kulturkapellet, Aarhus 2022

Kaosteater's first workshop with open registration, created in collaboration and with the support of Fritter Fadøl & Forestilling and Kulturkapellet. We met happy participants from near and far, from various performative interests - for example scenographers, screenwriters and new circus artists.

The Danish School of Performing Arts, Fredericia 2021 & 2022

The Danish performing arts school has entrepreneurship as part of their bachelor's degree for actors. Two years in a row, Kaosteater has been invited to give the actors in the second year tools for process and project management. Most recently, we taught at a bootcamp in Fredericia, where 28 acting students gathered to gather skills to be able to realize their own artistic projects in the future. We have done this two years in a row now, where in the second year we have added modules in project realization, fundraising and budget.

CISPA, Copenhagen 2022

Kaosteater was invited to help CISPA's 3rd year students to develop their own projects in terms of idea development and project realization. At the same time, Kaosteater had several new canvases tested for the handbook on project implementation and fundraising. One of them is called Planet Fundraising and is being developed together with Torben Vinter, who is one of the authors of one of our favorite books HACK DET.

The Danish Performing Arts School, Aarhus 2022

The brand new students from the playwright and actor program at DDSKS in Aarhus had a visit to Kaosteater during the first week of classes. Together they were launched as an ensemble, to strengthen their collaboration skills and develop their approach to idea generation with a flat structure. In addition to learning about models, the teaching resulted in a 35 minute performance about an annual general meeting of the taxidermist association (a practice where animals are stuffed). The performance focused on audience interaction and gave the invited guests many laughs and chills.

.RAR, Aarhus 2022

.RAR or Rotating Art Residency is a project that wants to create temporary art collectives between Riga, Aarhus and Reykjavik. At the beginning of April, .RAR visited Aarhus, and Kaosteater was invited as teachers. The participants got a crash course in idea generation and good advice for realizing their joint project - an experimental art exhibition at Galleri TESE.


Silkeborg High School, Silkeborg 2022

At Silkeborg Gymnasium's academic day, Kaosteater taught the students from the two drama teams, including some individuals who were there from the corona time zoom call. The students were given an introduction to our idea generation methods based on the question: "If there are no limits, what would your dream project look like?"

Hoptrup Secondary School, Haderslev 2021

At Hoptrup Efterskole we had the pleasure of teaching 20 happy students from the theater department. The workshop lasted six hours over two days, and was based on our handbook on idea development.

The work culminated in four very different performances which were shown for Afterschool Day and which were subsequently on a mini-tour.

Prologue Theatre, Copenhagen 2021

At Prolog Teater in Copenhagen, we taught the acting students in idea development.

After two days of teaching + a projecting session beforehand, the students, divided into three groups, had two weeks to produce a performance.

Kaosteater and a wonderful audience had the pleasure of experiencing the finished products, each of which played on the same evening at three different venues.

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